Age Of Sigmar: The Death Of Nighthaunt

As mentioned in the previous post ‘Mortal Realms – A Review‘ (Click Here To Check That Out!) I spoke about collecting one of the armies as my main focus for Age Of Sigmar. Being a lover of all things evil and undead, the Nighthaunt fits my hobby style and interests perfectly. Couple that with some super cool looking figures and I was sold.


To Begin:
For me, all evil armies are made up of two things. 1) Powerful characters & 2) Hordes of warriors. Nighthaunt present both at the perfect balance for army building.

Having purchased the first four issues of Mortal Realms, I have a small collection of Nighthaunt miniatures to start planning and building an army.

I have:
10 x easy-to-build Chainrasps for Nighthaunt
4 x Mournflight Banshees
4x easy-to-build Glavewraith Stalkers

With more then enough miniatures to get me going, I plan on building and painting this army one unit at a time. By doing this, I will be able to document and showcase each stage of my journey in this blog to help capture each stage of the process as I begin to play games and add to the growing undead.

Like most people, I too purchased an extra few magazines to gather a number of extra warriors in order to help build out bigger units for my Nighthaunt army.


To start with, I plan on building two fairly large units of Chainrasps. These will create the foundation of my Nighthaunt army and appeal to my evil gaming style or numbers on the field vs smaller elite troops

The next thing for me to do is to look at a colour scheme that will really suit my painting style but also do the models justice. Issue 4 of Mortal Realms came with a paint called Nihilakh Oxide (You can find that paint HERE) This paint is like a green wash / shade. At first look, this might be perfect for what i’m currently thinking of!


Adding to the two Chainrasp units, I plan on adding two smaller units to help bring a bit of a different element of game play and theme. First up is the Myrmourn Banshee’s (Picture above) These models almost single handily sold the Nighthaunt army to me, capturing the true nature of death / spectral form on the table top. Not only looking super cool, but they also bring good and interesting stats to the army which is a much welcomed addition.

The final unit I have is a single unit of 8x Glaicewraith Stalkers. Having a smaller supporting unit on the field has always been a good thing to consider. A supporting unit brings extra options, extra threats and more importantly, extra attacks to any army on the table top. Additionally to this, this is also a great cheaper unit for grabbing and holding those super important objectives in game, allowing the rest of your bigger units to deal with the enemy.


Collectively, these 4 units total well over 500pts in game. Which presents plenty of options for me around army composition, game play, and point size games to be getting on with in the coming months.

The Plan:
By starting with the core foundation of warriors, I can get myself to grips with the backstory, the army construction process and the game system of Age Of Sigmar. From there on in, I will start to look at the right army leader that suits my theme and playing style as best possible. I really like building armies around what suits the best theme of an army. Does it gel well not only in looks but synergy in game. When you’re constructing any Age Of Sigmar armies, you must always take a leader, so this process will be an interesting one for me. Selecting which one works best and suits the rest of the army.

Keep updated on my progress and watch my journey as I venture into the world of Age Of Sigmar.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

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