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Product Review:

Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar – Mortal Realms Magazines. (First Four Issues.)


Mortal Realms is a weekly based magazine series that includes a mixture of models, paints and gaming accessories to suit everything you need to begin your Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar adventure.

The strength of Mortal Realms is around the structuring of weekly issues fixed on providing a balanced level of war gaming for all levels of war gamers. Whether you’re brand new to the hobby, or have been playing and collecting war games for years and years, there is something within these pages for everyone. If you’ve always wanted to play Age Of Sigmar, but never could jump straight in (Just like me!), then this could be a really good way for you to get into this hobby. This is the perfect solution for me with growing an army, learning the game and enhancing my war gaming hobby vault.

Issue 1 was available in stores for a two week period whereas issues 2, 3 & 4 were available for 1 week only. Even though these magazines are no longer in store, I believe you can start a subscription and still ask it to start at issue 1 through subscribing online. check out for more information. When subscribing to Mortal Realms, you will be sent 4 magazines each month, with all the extra hobby goodness you could ever need. Allowing you plenty of reading, building, painting and gaming opportunities throughout the month.

The first issue is priced at a steal of only £2.99 GBP and this comes with 2 troop / warrior options and 6 white D6 dice. The packaging itself explains everything you need to know about collecting, building, painting and playing with these miniatures within the pages of the first issue. The miniatures you receive in Issue 1 are: 3 easy-to-build Sequitors for Stormcast Eternals & 10 x easy-to-build Chainrasps for Nighthaunt. Thanks to the ingenuous method of easy-to-build miniatures, building the miniatures couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is to remove the models from the spure following the instructions in the magazine, push the pieces together and thats it. You can start playing from Issue 1.


Each magazine is beautifully jam-packed with everything you need to know around the miniatures you receive. The pinch of the history of each race, brilliantly designed gaming backstories, a short detailed article as well as a small amount of rules to help nurture your new found war gaming addiction every week. Touching on that a little more, the idea with Mortal Realms, is that each week you add the next piece and puzzle to your army, for either the Stormcast Eternals or Nighthaunt. So in reality, by the end of the subscription you will have two fairly large armies for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar, good level of knowledge of game set rules, collection of different army stats and will begin to start playing you’re own games ready for to enter tournaments in a proper gaming setting. Imagine starting here with Issue 1 of Mortal Realms all the way up to taking part in an Age Of Sigmar tournament at Warhammer World. That’s my intention!


As well as all the well designed content I’ve mentioned, each magazine also includes a detailed break down / general guide of how to build the miniatures you receive with every issue. Those long time war gaming enthusiasts amongst us will see that these are the normal assembly guides that come in the each of the boxed unit sets sold by Games Workshop. ( Each of the ‘How To Build’ guides are very well put together and has made the step by step construction much easier to understand and follow. These easy build miniatures are a fantastic way of encouraging new start up players into the table top war gaming universe as they remove an obstacle of having to glue miniatures together to begin playing the game. Which can be sometimes a barrier for anyone wanting to get into the hobby. Also means that from the point of view of supplying a magazine with resources, Games Workshop have found a method of engaging new and existing hobbyist into their fantasy world; Age Of Sigmar.

Issue 2 is a little more expensive coming in at £5.99. (Still representing good value for money compared against the standard retail price.) This issue comes with: 1x Citadel Starter Paint Brush, 1x Corax White Paint and 4 x Mournflight Banshees, ready to add to your growing Nighthaunt ghouls.

Issue 2 onwards is the first time we see extra rules enter our games through the case of introducing new warriors onto the field. By bringing new warriors into your collection, they present new and exciting challenges, rules and miniatures to add to your army. This is much the same for issue 3 & 4 which you will be able to obtain if subscribing to the magazines.

Compared to the full game system, Mortal Realms does seem to be less focused on the full extent of the game play and rule set then the main game. Often leaving out those extra spells an abilities some characters and warriors bring to the tabletop, but still managing to provide a wealth of fantasy goodness. This seems to be an intentional move when reading through the content on these pages. By streamlining what you receive in the magazines in terms of rules, new players will find this gaming system much more easier and accessible to learn compared to jumping in and playing the full feature game at an entry level. Being new to Age Of Sigmar and always wanted to play this game, I am more then happy for this to be the case. Step by step development of game play is a really important step if you’re going to become the next master of Age Of Sigmar.

Moving on, something I do really like is the extra level of detail Mortal Realms provides around setting up a simple painting guide using the paints you receive in the first four issues. Techniques such as, base coating, dry brushing and layering etc. These little extra details just enhance these magazines that little touch more by providing that extra level of content to all readers. For anyone starting their table top war gaming journey for the first time, these short detailed page features are a much welcomed sight.

After this, we move onto Issue 3 & 4, here onwards all issues will be
£7.99 for the remainder of you collection. Both issues 3 & 4 come with a sprue each of miniatures and a paint each to add to your hobby growing treasure chest. Again, similar to before, for the value of buying the magazines alone, you’ll still be saving a few pennies from the usual retail price.

Issue 3 is the next instalment of miniatures for your expanding Stormcast Eternals army. You will get: 4x easy-to-build Castigators with Gryph-Hound and 1x Retributor Armour paint for applying the gold armour colour to give your warriors a little extra colour on the battlefield. These models look awesome, and have some pretty good stats to suit in game to! Plus a Gryph-Hound model. Who doesn’t like the look of these?!

As I touched upon above, these magazines are packed with extra detail, great at sharing and expanding on the content you can find within these pages. Different Host versions for the Stormcast Eternals is a single A4 document sharing an idea of something for you, the reader, to capture your imagination with your painting style to help grow and guide your army collection.

As well as that, another full A4 page showing you the extra options of units and heroes you can add for your growing Nighthaunt army over the coming issues. This is another great idea to add to the magazines. These sort of extra details around providing the options you can have when looking to grow your army is a brilliant thing. This only helps to nurture your direction, your imagination and your passion for this game and your new found armies.

Issue 4 Issue 4 certainly keeps the pace moving by supplying you with: 4x easy-to-build Glavewraith Stalkers, Nihilakh Oxide paint and a paper battle mat readying you for those bigger games and scenarios which I hope will be appearing in future issues. The gaming mat itself is superb, very detailed and easy to set up. Just throw it on a table and you’re ready to go. (All images in this blog, the back ground is the gaming mat!)

Issue 4 presents something new to recent times for hobby war gamers; a technical paint. This paint to be applied more like a wash then a paint. Use it sparingly, apply thin coats to suit until you’re happy with your results. Make sure you wait for the first coat to fully dry before applying more. Following the painting guide within Issue 4, you will learn exactly how to use this paint and what the results would look like one stage after another.

The Extras: This is where I find Mortal Realms to really add the value to the magazines. By supplying paints, paint brushes, terrain and gaming accessories throughout, you really start to feel your hobby collection growing.

If you’re looking to buy these paints separately, follow the links below!

1) Corax White – CLICK HERE
2) Retributor Armour – CLICK HERE
3) Nihilakh Oxide – CLICK HERE

Artwork / Poster: Back in Issue 1, you also get given a large double sided poster of a Stormcast Liberator. I’m always a fan of these extra items you get from these sort of magazines. These posters are just the perfect thing for upgrading your hobby area, spaces within your home, your club, or wargaming tournaments. They’re also great for naturally allowing your imagination to run wild, thinking of your own scenarios, army lists and painting styles you may want to start creating.

These four magazines are packed with hobby goodness and simply the perfect way for anyone entering the epic gaming world that is Age Of Sigmar. From easy to build miniatures, paints, gaming mats, history, scenarios, rule sets, ideas and so on. When you invest your hard earned pennies into buying these four magazines you are in return getting a wealth of hobby time through reading, building, painting and of course, the oh so important gaming! 10/10.

My Army? One of these armies will become my main army of focus for Age Of Sigmar, cast your votes! what do you guys think I will take? All will be revealed on the next post!

To Close: Rounding this review off, I’ve throw together a few links where you can purchase these models independently of the magazine. Click the links below and see for yourself!

Stormcast Eternels:
3x easy-to-build Sequitors – CICK HERE
4x easy-to-build Castigators with Gryph-Hound – CLICK HERE

10x easy-to-build Chainrasps – CLICK HERE
4x easy-to-build Banshees – CLICK HERE

4x easy-to-build Glaivewraith Stalkers – CLICK HERE

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

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