Setting Up Your Painting Area

Hey folks!

To kick of the ‘Hobby Extra’ page, were better to start then ‘Setting Up Your Painting Area’? We all do it don’t we? We all have our different ways of setting things up, the equipment we use and ultimately, build a little space we can call our sanctuary!

If you’re new hear or to the hobby? Awesome! Hopefully this article will share some light on the sorta things to consider when setting up a painting / hobby session.

So, with that in mind, lets get started!

Painting Mat / Area:
First things first – Nominating an area to sit down and paint at.
This can be as plain or as labret as you like. Some hobbyist just rock up at a kitchen table (much to the annoyance of loved ones!) or, some hobbyist like to place down some form of base to then work from. Be that a cloth, a cutting mat, piece of cardboard, a paining mat etc Everyone is different! For me, I use a “painting station” that a family friend made for me years and years ago when I first got into the hobby. As you can tell… I’ve used this well! ha But its those little things which make our hobby so unique in such a brilliant way!

1) Games Workshop – Citadel Painting Mat
A3 Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Paint Brushes & Paints:
Once you’re all settled and have a good place to start painting from, you need to gather your paint brushes and paints. Now, every single hobbyist out there is different, we all have our own ways of working and equipment we use for the job. I like like to use mid-range paint brushes and a mixture of paints from different companies to achieve what I’m looking for. I use the ‘Army Painter Essentials Set‘ as they’re not too expensive in case you need to replace or even upgrade, whilst generally being a great starting point for painting your miniatures. Games workshop paints I’ve always used since day one and have always found them to pretty much, without fail do what I’ve needed them to do.

No matter the paint or brushes, start to gather everything you need at this step.

1) Army Painter Essentials Set
2) Insane Brush by Army Painter
3) Regimental Brush by Army Painter
Small Drybrush by Army Painter
5) Mega Brush Set by Army Painter
5) Artis Opus – Series S Brush Set(Professional Paint Brush Set)

Water Pot & Wet Palette:
Every single painter on the planet, no matter art is being created, needs to have a water source to clean brushes during and after use. This could be literally anything that holds water. A cup, a mug, bottle, plastic cup, beer bottle, bowl, whisky glass, literally anything! Thanks to my lovely I’ve been the owner of one of these swanky citadel paint pots and I have to say I quite like using it. The ridges in he moulding really help to keep the bristles point and in shape for longer as well as helping to clean them. Makes for a really nice gift or stocking filler!
Moving on as well, lots of painters like to use a Wet Palette when painting. These nifty little thing are great at helping you to thin out your paints enough to add nice smooth, thin and consistent layers on your miniatures. Giving you much more control then paint directly out of a pot. I’ve made my own (More on that subject another time…) But you can pick these from various companies as well, will link below. And a few squares of toilet paper is great for drying and reshaping brushes in between paints. Great for rubbing access paint of the brush for ‘Dry brushing’ purposes too.

I CANNOT recommend a Wet Palette enough, I was kicking myself for not trying it sooner!

1) Games Workshop Citadel Water Pot
2) Wet Palette By Army Painter

Painting Handle & Glue:
There is nothing worse then being in the middle of painting a miniature and accidentally knocking it, or dropping it on the floor or if you’re like me, your cat casually destroying everything! Always make sure you have both plastic and super glue to hand! You never know if you’ll use it at this stage, but if anything happens, you’ll be glad its sat right in front of you!
Another really useful tool is a ‘Painting Handle‘. These nifty little things are great for holding your miniature in place firmly in your hands whilst painting. Brilliant for getting in those super fine or hard areas to reach and just generally give you the control you need when painting. They also come in a few different sizes depending on what you’re working on. Will throw a few links below.

1) Citadel Painting Handle
2) Citadel Painting Handle MK2

3) Citadel Painting Handle XL
4) Redgrass Painting Handle V2(Magnetic Desk stand!)

Dedicated Hobby / Painting Light:
A good light source when painting is ideal to get the and most clear vision you have when completing any miniature in your hobby box. I find that having a good light source is often really underrated and quite often forgotten about. The reality is, any desk lamp is going to be better then nothing at all. I use something from Amazon, no idea what its called! and others have used desk lamps from Ikea. Here are my recommendations:

1) Amazon LED Desk Lamp
Plus E27 LEB Blub (If I had a bigger space, i’d have 2 of these providing light from both left and right sides of the desk!)

Going The Extra Mile:
If you struggle to see those super fine details on the miniatures or want to try and tackle those super, mega, frustrating eyes! Then a magnifying lamp is going to help you! I’ve been painting miniatures for years now and only just cracked a recipe for painting flesh tones (I’m well happy with it!) Next up is the eyes and this magnifying lamp is going to become my best friend. ha.

These come in loads of different forms from loads of different sellers, do a google search and find something that will work for you!

And there you have it, how to set up a painting area with the essential items to consider. Again, everyone’s hobby is different, we all have our different ways of setting things up, the equipment we use and ultimately all work in different ways. This is just showing you the way I do things and what I find works for me.

Thanks for reading folks!
Hope this helped to give any ideas, show of new equipment or anything new ways of thinking about your own painting set ups.

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