The Walking Dead: All Out War Review

The Walking Dead: All Out War, is simply a miniature board game I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Being a fan of both the comics and the hugely successful TV show, I couldn’t wait to re-create some of my favourite moments, paint some truly awesome miniatures and to begin growing my The Walking Dead: All Out War collection more by playing out step-by-step missions, adding extra expansions, all with accompanying battle reports for you all to enjoy.

All Out War, presents the best opportunity to begin you’re walker killing and survivor struggling experience, all contained in a single box. By having everything you need to play the core game, this is perfect solution for anyone wanting to delve into something new, add to a growing board game collection whilst bringing you hours of fun, painting and gaming for you and your opponents to enjoy.


Overall, the first impressions on this box game is great. The artwork looks super good, its very attractive and stands out amongst the crowd, which is only a good thing! Reading more on the content on the back of the box, inside we are gifted with a wealth of mixed content which allows you to play each game straight out of the box. Looking at the back of the box you can see just how well supported All Our War really is. If you’re wanting a stand-alone game and happy with the one core set, then look no further. If you’re like me and want to continue on adding expansions to the foundation of All Out War, this is the perfect starting point for you.

What’s Inside:
1) 6 Survivor Models – Rick, Carl, Derek, Patrick, Liam & Sandra
2) 12 Walker Models
3) Rulebook & Quick-Start Guide
4) Lots of gaming card
5) Lots of push out card gaming aids
6) custom D6 dice
7) Range Ruler
8) Threat Tracker
9) Health Counters
10) Kill Zone / Blast Template


The extra level of detail I like is when board games come with an inlay tray made to hold and house the items in the box. This is a really nice touch as this allows you to contain everything in one place keeping everything clean, together and ready to go again when pulled from any board game vaults. The only small thing I would have liked to have seen here is a small pouch to hold all dice and smaller tokens. Minimising the risk of losing those small pieces and items you get in this set. But with that being said, these are easily purchased and really cheap on eBay. (That’s a personal taste thing!)


Gaming Cards:
Each game of All Out War, will require both miniatures and cards in order to play the game. (Along with a collection of gaming aids but more on that later!) Every card has been beautiful finished with artwork to match The Walking Dead comic book series on one side and a fully annotated and game designed profile stat image on the other for you to use and track your characters stats during each game. The other cards are Event Cards, Supply Cards & Equipment Cards, all of which follow the same theme and artwork throughout, keeping everything very coherent and matched. The texture of these cards must also be mentioned here as these are not just simply thin paper feeling playing cards, but more textured and what feels like to be a good high end quality finish across all card sets. The size of these cards are good to, there is plenty of text and imagery to fit on and Mantic Games seem to have found the right size and balance to get the best of these layouts and designs.


Using The Cards:
To give a little more detail around how this game is played, each player controls their own group of survivors from this core set. So the easiest two player set up would be for player one to control Rick & Carl and player two to control Derek, Sandra, Patrick & Liam, both players battling out to claim victory by claiming the most objectives, whilst trying to not get killed by the opposing player or lurking walkers. Not only do you get finely-detailed hard plastic miniatures, but you also get a brilliantly designed individual character cards, giving you all the character stats and unique abilities you need to better play your survivor team during each game. Additionally, you can equip your characters with items and weapons to deal with those stumbling walkers or preying human survivors.


Gaming Aids:
All Out War has to be one the best well supported core set boxed games of recent times providing you everything you will ever need straight from the first set. Providing good quality, full colour gaming accessories, helps to bring your games to life. By supporting this game with 2D card pop outs, we essentially play this core set as a birds-eye-view. Which works and suits the core gaming set perfectly. However, doing a little research, Mantic Games have already released a sculpted terrain booster set for All Out War too, something that I will defiantly be getting my hands on later down the line! We also get a measuring ruler, initiative, health tracker tokens, objective markers, cars, barricades, kill zone and threat level trackers, everything you’re going to need. The Custom dice are really good too, very clean, good weight an roll well on any surface. Its refreshing to see a game provide custom designed dice and not just standard D6 gaming dice. Again, adding a little more thought and passion to the creative process of the mechanics of the game.


Gaming Mat:
We also receive a fully painted, single side-ed gaming matt for playing on. This matt is 20″x20″ so doesn’t take up a whole lot of room. Open it up, throw it on any flat surface and you have yourself a gaming area. Then all you need to do is to place on the scenery you need for your games, put all miniatures on their starting points and you’re ready to go. Only thing I would like to have seen is something more then a paper playing matt due to being very easy to rip and tear. However, from a cost point of view, a paper matt makes perfect sense. It also allows Mantic Games to fully round off their components by completing the set in full as well as providing the right size gaming area for their games.


Rulebook & Quick Start Guide:
All Out War comes with both an advanced rulebook featuring explanations of more complex mechanics such as climbing, zombie bites and terrain, while a short quick-start guide holds everything you will ever need to know playing these games. If you’ve played this game a few times, then you can skip the first step-by-step tutorial and delve into the bigger matched play rules. However, if you’re starting this game the same starting point as me, it’s an ideal introduction. So much so, I will be posting a introduction / game review as the next instalment!


As well as this, the rulebook is packed with exactly what you need. The rules. It explains everything you need in a clear and informative manor which is both educational and engaging to read. Nothing seems to be overly ‘wordy’ but more just enough to explain all you need to know. Couple that with some great looking fully colour images, diagrams, miniatures, scenarios etc and you have yourself a good all around rulebook. Normally I would like to have hardback rule books, but this paper version works just as well and really suits the overall collective theme and contents of this box.


One thing that needs a mention is the all ready assembled miniatures you receive in this core set. When Mantic Games made the decision to create a boxed miniature game that requires no building / assembly, (other then popping out the terrain from their card frames) they instantly made a game much more inclusive for everyone. This is something of a refreshing spin on things. Sometimes the ‘hobbying’ aspect of clipping components off a sprue, filing parts down, gluing things together is a little too much for some people joining the hobby. All Out War defiantly helps to counter this barrier. This pre-assembled miniature range doesn’t stop at All Out War, but across the entire game system, making collecting further expansions, sets and booster packs easier for everyone. Each booster also comes with the necessary character cards you’re going to need as well which is very handy!


Hard Plastic Detailing:
When I first started collecting miniatures all those many many moons ago, I delved straight into the multi-part assembly process from clipping of the sprue, filing and gluing to how I wanted each miniature to be, how they would look, weapons they’d be using and all the rest of it. What’s refreshing to see in All Out War, is that a game system has been designed around using cards to full-fill weapon choices rather then the consumer having to build and spend time creating a character in the transitional manor. Each individual miniature is heavily mirroring that of the artwork from The Walking Dead Comic series and thusly, brings each character to life beautifully on the table top. Hard plastic miniatures is a first for me. Normally collecting sprue plastic miniatures, resin and metal. All holding and bringing detail in their own right. Hard plastic however, with first impressions, looks to be just as good as the rest. What do you think?


To show a bit more light on these miniatures, Here are a couple of close ups of Rick & Carl, front and back. The detail here looks really good and is shared across all the miniatures in this core set and all other expansions / boosters. All miniatures are 28mm and a perfectly scaled to suit the nature of this miniature war game. As well as this, two more things to mention and speak about. Firstly, the sculpt lines really stand out as you can see in the images here. These sculpt lines are really going to help bring these miniatures to life by making them pop with extra details. The other thing is the depths of detail on each model. By sculpting in these extra layers, recesses of depth, when we start painting, we can add much more textures, washes and highlights. Also, the more detail, the cooler all miniatures look and these all look super good!

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The Walkers:
Finally, we come to the 12 Walker miniatures. Each one brilliantly sculpted and encompassing the very definition of zombies and walkers. By providing a core box set of 18 individual models, (12 walkers & 6 characters) this provides so much room and flexibility for you to paint up everything as you see fit. Either using the main game images for inspiration or going freestyle and painting these miniatures to your own liking, the plastic and sculpts will help bring your own styles to life on the table.


The Walking Dead: All Out War is an excellent tabletop adaptation of the highly successful comic book and television series. Mantic Games have used fantastic use of its source material’s to bring The Walking Dead to miniature form. Upon writing this, All Out War has been out for a few years now and plenty of additional waves and expansions have since hit the market, proving that this game is more then capable of going the distance against other gaming systems. I can’t wait to play out these scenarios and start to build out my own collection. Just need to pick a painting style I like!

If you like what you’ve read and what you see on this post, I’ve thrown a couple of links below for you to check out the game for yourself, you wont regret it!

Mantic Games Website: – CLICK HERE
Element Games Website: – CLICK HERE

Publisher: Mantic Games
Price: £39.99 Retail
Genre: Miniatures/survival horror
Players: 1 – 2
Time: 60+ minutes

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

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