If you’ve come across this web page either accidentally or intentionally, thank you! Thank you so much for your time and your interest in supporting me and what I do for the hobby that I love. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time reading my simple ramblings over these pages. Let’s get down to it?

1) The first thing you can do to support TinyGamerUK, is by sharing, liking, engaging and subscribing to my social media channels etc. In a nutshell… engaging with my Instagram channel in a positive way on the platform is a good thing and shows Instagram that my channel is worth advertising to other potential viewers on the platform that may like my content. 

2) You can follow my blog for all updated and related hobby projects I have on the go. I’m trying to get a number of projects done this year which will all be super interesting and fun to read, so watching out for those and talking to me about things you want to see, will be amazing! 

3) When you’re looking to buy new hobby related items, you can do this by going through my affiliate links. The way it works, is that you click on my associate links and then add things to your cart, just like you normally would. For example, a paintbrush on my blog has a link to Element Games, you click on this, add this item to your cart and complete the checkout. This directly earns me a small amount of commission in return.

4) Using my Element Games Promotion Code – ADA2086
You can use this code along with the links in my page. By using this promo code at the check out, you can earn double the crystal points and I will also earn a few as a thanks for giving away more. I can then spend these points in store on hobby related items for the blog – Cool right!

5) Last but not least, my Patreon is a way of directly backing TGUK in the creation of the best content I can by always ensuring I am fully stocked with all the hobby essentials I need to better help and give advice to you! As well as that, backing TGUK in this way will allow me to grow with the use of better technology as much as I can, and ultimately, allowing me to dedicate more of my time to create more detailed content.
Website: www.patreon.com/tinygameruk

That’s it!

Thank you all so much again for supporting me and my journey as a war gamer.

You’re awesome!

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore