Hey everyone!
Let me start by saying that everything I use is purely down to my own taste when I hobby. There is a wealth of different hobby items and tools out there in the world and you may well already have something that works well for you. And that is awesome! I’m not getting paid to promote these products in any way, I’m simply sharing the love around the items I use and where to find them. So, If you’re feeling a little frustrated with your equipment, thinking of replacing any hobby item or simply starting your hobby adventure and need a starting point for your own journey, then I hope what you read on this page helps you in some way!

So with that in mind…

Probably the most essential item of all, the paintbrush. I’ve used many different brands and styles over the years, but the brand I have settled on and used the most for the longest time (still currently do) is the Army Painter Essentials Set. To me, the handle, the weight and the overall performance of all Army Painter brushes, really work well with me and suits my personal painting style. I can spend the time being super detailed with them or be a little more aggressive with dry brushing, without it costing me the earth! For me, these brushes present a good level of control when I need it, medium to high level or consistent performance as well as being an all round great set of brushes for amateur to semi-pro painters, just like me! These brushes are the absolute workhorse of my painting station, they’re all I’ve ever needed to use and I would never leave home without them.

Army Painter Essentials SetCLICK HERE

For anyone not needing the full set and looking for more individual paint brushes, here are the links below to each one.

Insane Brush by Army PainterCLICK HERE
Regimental Brush by Army PainterCLICK HERE
Small Drybrush by Army PainterCLICK HERE

Last year my loving wife bought me the water pot & paint rack from Games Workshop and I have to say, I haven’t stopped using them. The pot has grooves in towards the top which help to remove access water but also to reshape the brushes before reapplying paint, allowing the brush to retain its shape for as long as possible. The paint rack, is well suited for any war gamer who owns Games Workshop paints, as the rack is well suited for holding those style of pots. As the majority of the paints I own are from Games Workshop, this has helped me massively. The extra detail of the paint rack is that it is height adjustable, allowing you to see and reach each colour much more easily on your painting station as you can have this raised at the back, making your paints sit at an angle for you.

Games Workshop Citadel Water PotCLICK HERE
Games Workshop Citadel Paint RackCLICK HERE

Ever since I can remember I have always used Citadel black spray to undercoat my miniatures and I’ve never changed. For me, it has always suited my painting style and as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”
As for varnish, this however is something that has taken me much longer to find. The Army Painter, Anti-Shine Matt Varnish is what i’m currently using and is something I am super happy with. The varnish is durable and protects your miniatures from any and all starches. It does leave a little bit of a ‘dusty’ feeling on your models (The sorta thing you can feel if you rubbed between your fingers) but otherwise, great choice for varnishing and protecting your miniatures once painted. Oh and another bonus, this varnish is a ‘matt’ finish, meaning if your miniatures are super glossy or shiny, this varnish will remove that completely. Great product!

Chaos Black Citadel SprayCLICK HERE
Army Painter, Anti-Shine Matt VarnishCLICK HERE

Okay, bit of collection of items here. I’ve always found the cheaper set of hobby files to be the better option, for me anyway. I’m often always trying to save a pretty penny and as you get so many files in set, they suit me well. More than capable of doing everything I’ve ever needed. The clippers & cutting matt are just brilliant. not a bad word to be said. The painting handle has really helped me step up my painting game recently. For me, I use the painting handle whilst doing one off miniatures. Like heroes etc allowing me to get better angels and positions during painting. The drill pin is awesome. This has only been a new addition to my collection for the past nine months, but man, this has helped me out loads in that time with converting and pinning miniatures across my entire war gaming collection. Mega useful!

5 piece Hobby File SetCLICK HERE
Hobby ClippersCLICK HERE
Citadel Painting HandleCLICK HERE
A3 Cutting MatCLICK HERE

Similar to above really, using modelling putty is a somewhat new thing for me. I will upload a new blog around custom bases (LOTR – Iron Hills) where I will show a step-by-step process of how I achieved the finished product. Superb hobby related items. If you’re into converting or interested in creating your own custom bases for an army, then look no further!

Static GrassCLICK HERE

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